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Our small group of locals work on a largely voluntary basis with the aims of increasing awareness of all that Lakenheath has to offer both residents and visitors.

We are building a website that is home to Lakenheath’s history, current events, future plans, businesses, Parish Council news, facilities and points of interest.

We will be working with existing bodies to help provide a focal point for our community and it’s ever growing spirit.

There are sections of the site in need of content and it’s our hope that we can find more volunteers to join our group and write engaging content that will tell an interested public why, where, when and how they can get involved with what happens here.

With all sections of the site full of interesting and informative content we expect we can achieve the following:

• Improve awareness of Lakenheath, its' retailers, businesses, facilities, community groups and events through free and paid coverage

• Offer bodies a means of effectively advertising their events through our News & Events page

• Generate enough interest in groups to bring new members, patronage and donations

• Paid coverage provides participants a web page designed and built specifically for them within the site. Fantastic web presence for a minimal cost that gets instant traffic

• Assist bodies in generating revenue by offering ticket sales online

• Increase resident and visitor knowledge of the town and its’ history through editorial, narrative and imagery

• Present an attractive, informative and well maintained center of information for town and parish events and activities

It's Yours - Get Invloved…

As part of promoting the site we’ve produced business cards and leaflets for display and distribution and in the near future we'll be producing bumper stickers for cars. Drop us a line to get your own promotion pack and spread the word about your community website.

With thanks in advance for your help.


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Benefit from traffic looking specifically for information on Lakenheath, it's businesses, services, and events by getting a page on this website.  Great for small businesses and even those with existing websites who will benefit from our traffic and relevant keyword backlinks.

We take care of the whole process: meeting with you, helping with text, collecting/taking photos, uploading your business logo, putting a contact section, open hours, 'About' info, business description, 'FAQ' info, enquiry forms and other relevant details. Plus photo galleries, video/audio player, downlodable documents, price lists, maps and more.

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